Dear guests, we would like to inform you that our restaurant is undergoing renovations to provide you with even better services and experiences in the future. This renovation will continue until the end of July 2024. The restaurant is open only for private events.

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Daily menu

1 ks Hot dog XXL 49 CZK
75g Fried cheese in baguette 79 CZK
100g Tortilla with shredded meat cherry tomatoes and onion 99 CZK
190g Roasted pork with bacon mayo on multigrain bread 99 CZK
280g NY Style Reuben sandwich 159 CZK
100g Hamburger with shredded beef 159 CZK
80g Beef carpaccio with rocket and baguette 180 CZK
250g Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast (120g) / with salmon 160 CZK/190 CZK
250g Marinated spicy chicken wings, blue cheese, carrot and celery 159 CZK
100g Grilled Camembert with baguette 99 CZK
100g Pickled Camembert with bread 99 CZK

Main Courses

150g Beef goulash with potatoe pancakes 195 CZK
150g Beef goulash with bread 145 CZK
120g Chicken strip, french fries and mayonnaise 179 CZK
150g Fried cheese, french fries and mayonnaise 179 CZK
120g Pork schnitzel, french fries and mayonnaise 195 CZK
350g Smoked honey ribs, garnish, pastry 245 CZK
375g Pizza (ham, quatro formagi, spicy salami) 198 CZK

Side dishes

3pcs Potatoe pancake 69 CZK
200g French Fries 69 CZK
200g Fried potatoe chips 79 CZK
200g Boiled potatoes 55 CZK
200g Vegetable salad / Coleslaw 65 CZK
150g Basket of pastries 49 CZK


2pcs Sweet cheese dumplings with strawberry sauce 89 CZK
100g Homemade donuts cinnamon sugar/chocolate 69 CZK
90g Belgian waffles with choco / caramel cream 69 CZK
  Desert by the daily menu 69 / 79 CZK

Nonalcoholic drinks

0,3l/0,5l Zulu limonade 25 CZK/40 CZK
0,3l/0,5l Kofola 27 CZK/45 CZK
0,33l Coca-Cola/Coca-Cola Zero/Fanta/Sprite/Kinley Tonic water 54 CZK
0,33l Jupík 42 CZK
0,5l Fuze Tea 57 CZK
0,33l Cappy 54 CZK
0,33l Romerquelle 48 CZK
0,5l NATURA water 40 CZK
0,5l Homemade lemonade 75 CZK

Alcoholic drinks

0,3l/0,5l Pilsner Urquell 35 CZK/56 CZK
0,5l Cider Strongbow (can) 56 CZK
0,5l Birell (can) 56 CZK
0,5l Radler 56 CZK
0,5l Kozel – black beer (can) 56 CZK
0,1l Reistein wine – late harvest 45 CZK
0,2l Vine splash 50 CZK
0,1l Prosecco 45 CZK
0,2l Aperol Spritz 110 CZK

Hot drinks

Espresso 55 CZK
Espresso machiato 55 CZK
Cappuccino 66 CZK
Latté macchiato 77 CZK
Viennese coffee 66 CZK
Turkish coffee 55 CZK


0,04l Diplomatico Reserva 130 CZK
0,04l Rum Zacapa 140 CZK
0,04l Hennessy cognac 150 CZK
0,04l Bacardi Reserva 130 CZK
0,04l Bacardi 80 CZK
0,04l Tullamore Dew 80 CZK
0,04l Jameson Triple Distilled 80 CZK
0,04l Jack Daniel´s 80 CZK
0,04l Jack Daniel´s Honey 80 CZK
0,04l Jägermeister 80 CZK
0,04l Finlandia vodka 80 CZK
0,04l Beefeater gin 80 CZK
0,04l tequila Olmeca 90 CZK
0,04l Slivovice 60 CZK
0,04l Republica Božkov 80 CZK
0,04l Rum Božkov 40 CZK
0,04l Becherovka 60 CZK
0,04l Fernet Stock 60 CZK
0,04l Pepermint Božkov 30 CZK


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